Test automation or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Async __init__

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I recommend reading this part of the blog only in the morning with a cup of dark and strong coffee.

I’ll show you some new cases, and howto’s to help you automate routines in the developer’s life. There will be an example of my fails and win on different scenarios. The poor code I’ll include also.

Very beginning

Firstly – I’ll try to make this thread in English. And maybe later when I have time – to make Ukrainian and Russian translations, I’ll make them.

“Octopus” story has started from a small plugin for Sublime Text editor. Later it will be ported to Atom.

I’ve started developing “Octopus” on spring-summer 2016, and I’ve not finished it yet! New functions and features were implemented continuously. Product transforms into a framework.

Now all processes executed automatically and simultaneously for 24/7.  “Octopus” has a 4th generation revision now. Here you can see some steps:

Octopus level scheme
Level scheme

Initially, the plugin has no name. Later I named it “Octopus.” It happened when I’ve started to develop it for full time as the separate project.

I want to finish this thread when the implementation of all other types of tests and integrations will be completed and added to Octopus. Automate and cover all possible kinds of tests for all our internal teams is the last and principal aim of Octopus. Anyway, the massive part of test routines was automated. Finally, I have some time to write down these posts and try to re-think this path.


For today 14-08-2018 – we use an automated test for thousands of pattern test cases. We use routines for upload tests. We have a website with dynamically composed reports, cron tasks, user cases and so on.

Hottest period of Octopus development was only finished today.

I’ve started work on Octopus in October 2017. Octopus uses my logic and tasks balancing functions. It runs as a stable core for all other projects and types of tests, now.

Octopus main page
Main page


I’ll touch everything about Python 3: libraries, tests, frameworks, something about MySQL: managing, querying, and something for Bootstrap – small designs for web outputs for tests. Also, I’ll describe cases and usages of Perforce commands and how-tos and others.

  • threading, multiprocessing, celery, django, django-celery-beat, django-registration, flower, p4python, paramiko, unittest, progressbar, p4python, PyMySQL

Later I’ll publish some kind of menu to include all posts as list of content.

#QA #Automation #Python #Celery #Django #unittest #async #treading #multiprocessing #test #Octopus

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